Company Profile Coco Homes | South-western Ontario

Since Co-Pipe Products, Inc. was initially formed in December of 1998, it has quickly risen to be one of Michigan's premier manufacturers of reinforced concrete pipe, manholes, catch basins, and related products. This new, vibrant company is proud to serve Michigan's construction industry, drawing on its founders' experience of over 30 years in the industry.

Co-Pipe's manufacturing process utilizes the "Hawkeye" Dry Cast System to manufacture state-of-the-art concrete products. The revolutionary Tylox Super Seal Gasket System not only eliminates the need for lubricant, but helps to minimize labor. This product line ensures today's contractor to be a winner in the "trench" wars.


At Co-Pipe we can deliver everything we produce. Our experience and our facilities allow us to offer absolutely reliable quality, and 100% dependable on-time shipment. If your job site is in the Southeastern Michigan area then delivery is free when you order full truckload quantities. For all other areas, please request a delivery quote when ordering.


Co-Pipe can save you time and money. We have our own fleet of customized trucks which means no delays by trying to locate available transportation. Every one of our trucks has a self-unloading boom for your convenience. You will cut down on wait time and supervision staff.


We are ready to service our customers' needs. We have been in the construction business for over 35 years and we understand your needs and concerns.